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Our Story

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The Nice Fruit story goes back to 2003 when a university in Barcelona and Fenoexit took on the challenge of developing an organic way to process and freeze fruit without destroying the structure, taste and nutritional value. It took seven years to find a process but in 2010 a viable process was discovered and in 2012 patents were granted for the technology. The first processing plant was established in Barcelona in 2013, with a second facility established in 2014. By 2020 Nice Tech has 4 plants established around the world with another 6 plants either under construction or planned.

Processing plants are established in partnership with the actual growers of the fruit and generally either at the farm or close by. This means producers can harvest fruit for processing at the optimum time when taste and structure is perfect and with the Nice Fruit all-natural process capturing these features for up to 3 years! The process also means that there is no waste and 100% of the packaged fruit is consumable meaning lower freight costs, input costs and carbon emissions.

All year availability, better quality, cheaper cost, and better environmental outcomes. This is why we say Nice Fruit is a revolution and better than fresh!

In 2019 Nice Fruit Australia was established to bring this exciting product into Australia with a focus on developing long term relationships with customers in the Industrial (prepared convenience food) and Retail sectors. With existing global customers including McDonald's (Europe), 7-Eleven (Asia), Del Monte (Asia and USA), and Tesco (Hong Kong) Australian food companies are able to buy with confidence knowing that some of the world's largest food companies are recognising the value that our products can add to your business and customer experience.

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