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Nice Fruit's unique process and business model means producers are able to deliver the best quality fruit for consumption with the patented all-natural process delivering a shelf-life of up to 3 years. Gluten free and available all year round your customers will be able to taste flavours and consistent quality previously lost through large scale farming and distribution practices.


Nice Fruits global partnership approach with growers also means that they get a fair price for their fruit when they need it that not only covers the cost of production but provides a profit. Our customers can feel confident and assured that not only is the fruit of the highest quality and consistency but that a sustainable business model underpins all our products.  

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A Solution for Food Service

With a range of products available throughout the year Nice Fruit can also tailor the preparation to best suit your individual needs.

The products require less storage capacity than fresh fruit, improve handling, and reduce labour costs associated with food preparation.

Taste and quality is strictly controlled at the time of packaging ensuring your chefs and customers experience a consistent texture, flavour and nutritional value.

All our range is a perfect ready-to-eat product that will allow you to save on labour and wasteage costs.

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A Solution for Retail Convenience

With the rapid growth in the consumer convenience food market, accessibility to healthy food options are a necessity for any food retailer.

Nice Fruit products are already stocked in retail outlets around the world including 7-Eleven (Japan), Del Monte, and Clairra (Qatar).


Popular items such as our pineapple sticks, and 70g ready-to-eat bags are a healthy and fun alternative to traditional snack foods.

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